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1290 Howard Ave Suite 309Burlingame, CA 94010

Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm


What comes in the SafeGate device box?

You will receive the infrared thermal module base station, lighting contactor,


How does the SafeGate device work?

The device electronics use an infrared thermal imaging module to run Temperature Checks. The electronics send the data to the iOS app. The iOS app then will run the calculation and find the field view and give the accurate temperature within 3 seconds.


Is WiFi required to use the SafeGate device?

The SafeGate does not require WiFi. WiFi is only needed to install the app and create the account for first time setup. While WiFi is not required, it does make for a better user experience. 


Which age group is the SafeGate device for?

18 years and older


Is the SafeGate device washable?



Does the device come in different sizes?

No, although it will work on the iPad, iPhone and iTouch devices.


Does it come in different colors?

Currently, we only offer one color. More options will be available in the future as well as complimentary products.


Are Android devices compatible with the SafeGate app?

The SafeGate app is not compatible with any Android devices at this time. 


How to charge your iPad when using SafeGate device?

When you connect the device to an iPad, the device will charge the iPad directly.


How can you store your SafeGate device?

The SafeGate device sensor contains a small battery which will drain over longer periods of time. If allowed to drain completely, it can affect the sensor’s ability to recover its original properties.


Is the SafeGate device considered a medical device?

The SafeGate device is a consumer product that provides you insights into your customers, associates and anyone else that is in front of the thermal sensor. The SafeGate device is not an FDA-approved medical device and is designed and intended for business owners’, restaurateurs and other instances where detecting high temperatures can improve the health of a public space. It is not meant to replace good health practices or diagnose any medical conditions.


What if my iPad, iPhone or iTouch doesn't have service or isn't connected to Wifi? Does the SafeGate device work?

Yes! The iOS app is designed to work offline. While you are offline you won’t be able to update your profile or upgrade the software the device will still work.


Does the Safe Gate Sensor work in the dark?

The Cam uses safe, infrared LEDs with infrared filter which allow it to work in the dark.


Do I have to have a Smartphone to use the SafeGate Cam?

Yes, Safe Gate works in conjunction with the SafeGate iOS App downloaded from the Apple Store.


Do I need a certain operating system on my phone to use the app (ex. iOS 11…)?

Yes, the Safe Gate App requires iOS 11.2 or higher.


Is there a warranty on the SafeGate device?

Yes, we offer a 30 Day warranty from the date of purchase. Two common issues we have seen that are not covered under warranty are sensors damaged by pets or getting accidentally put through a washing machine.


Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?

We offer a 14-day satisfaction. Just contact our customer care team and don't forget to keep your proof of purchase.