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1290 Howard Ave Suite 309Burlingame, CA 94010

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Entry sensor


The entry sensor passenger flow statistics product can obtain 3D depth information in real time through stereo VISION AI sensor. Based on head-shoulder feature algorithm, it can identify head-shoulder features in complex scenes and achieve accurate passenger flow statistics through human body tracking algorithm.It can be widely used in shopping centers, retail stores, libraries, buildings, public transportation and other scenarios that need to be counted


Product features
High statistical accuracy

  • Based on the leading vision technology, it has got rid of the limitation of the traditional 2D passenger flow technology which is susceptible to the influence of light and scene;
  • In scenes where the street is exposed to direct sunlight, the accuracy can reach 95%;
  • In normal indoor lighting environment, the accuracy rate is over 98%;
  • Extensive collection and debugging to ensure that the product does not have false counting in various scenarios
Large coverage
  • The entry sensor passenger flow statistics equipment has a 100° wide field of view Angle, covering a wider range
  • 4.5m width can be covered with 3.7m installation height
Network smart device
  • The entry sensor passenger flow statistical equipment has edge computing capacity, which can complete passenger flow statistical calculation locally and directly output passenger flow data, with low demand for network bandwidth
  • Output passenger flow statistics in real time to meet the requirements of real-time collection and monitoring
  • Supports offline flash storage, so you don't have to worry about network outage
  • Supports static IP and DHCP modes, which can be deployed flexibly
Wi-fi connection is supported
  • Support for wireless Wi-Fi connectivity, free from the constraints of complex wiring
Covers the width 
The installation height Covers the width 
2.2m 1.2m
2.5m 1.7m
3.0m 2.9m
3.5m 4.1m
4m~6m 5.5m
Table of performance parameters of the entry sensor
Visual parameters
Viewing Angle Horizontal 100°Vertical 70°
Depth map resolution 640*400@03.5m1280*800@3.5m6m
The output frame rate 640*400@25fps
Function parameters
Accuracy ≥98%
Height range 2.2~6.0m
Coverage 1.2~5.5m
Filter out highly 0.5~1.2m
Technical parameters
Power 3.2W~3.6W
Power supply mode POE802.3af/at/DC12V
Ethernet cable 5 class
Networking way Wired network /WI-FI
Addressing Static IP / DHCP
Offline caching 90days
Data upload mode HTTP POST
The work environment
Working temperature 0°C~45 °C
Working humidity 20~80 %
Storage temperature -20°C~50 °C
Store humidity 20~80 %
Sizemm 135mm x 65mm x 39.5mm
GW(g) 300g
installation Top mounting/lifting

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